My Weight Loss Progress

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Shelf

After my shower today I got a sideways view of myself in the bathroom mirror. Note to self: try to avoid that in the future. When did my butt turn into a shelf? I thought it was still "plump" but wow...I could put my jewelry box and half a dozen books back there. I looked up TOPS and rearranged my schedule so I can go to next week's meeting. Meanwhile, maybe I can kick off a few pages of a book in the meantime.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Doesn't it look yummy! What you can't really see is all that healthy cucumber in the tuna, and mixed lettuce under it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Shoes

 I got brand new Reeboks yesterday!  I think I tried on at least twenty pairs of shoes before I found one I like.  I found a pretty pink and white pair (a bonus that they are pretty, because how they fit is most important)  and when I tried them on, I had happy feet!  I did all the walking moves from Leslie Sansone's videos, right there in the store, and they felt terrific.  So I got rid of one more excuse and now I am kind of excited to do a workout tomorrow in my brand-new shoes.

Unfortunately, my picky feet liked the most expensive pair I tried on!  However, one of the advantages of being 50 is that we have an AARP membership, and that gets us 25% off at a Reebok/Rockport Outlet.  25%!  My husband got a dressier pair of walking shoes to wear at work so we both have happy feet! 

Suggested Retail:  $99.95  (+$7.00 tax)
Outlet Price: $74.95
With Discount: $56.21       (+ $3.94 tax)

Anthony's Shoes: 
Suggested Retail:$85.00    (+ $5.95 tax)
Outlet Price: $75.00       
On Sale: $39.97
With Discount: $29.98       (+$2.10 tax)

Total Spent:  $92.93
Total Savings  $105.67

Happy Feet, Happy Budget! 

Except that it still practically kills me that we spent nearly $100 on shoes in one afternoon. 

They tried to convince that the "buy one get 50% off" sale would save us the same amount, but I wasn't buying it.  $101.59 vs. $92.93.    Nice try, folks.  Students ask, "Why do we have to know all this math. When will we ever use it?"   Great example.  Word problem right here! But I digress.  Leslie, here I come!  Monday's a great day to start a workout.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

40 Pushups

Yesterday I did 40 pushups. Not all at once, but I did 40, with short rests every six or seven.  If I keep this up, I just might get to 100 a day by the end of the month.  That wouldn't meet the challenge of 3000 for the month of March, but it's still quite a goal to achieve.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fitness Video and Pushups

I promised myself I would work out today--and I did.

First, I put on the fitness video from Netflix, which I've had all week.  I didn't like it. 

I gave up on that and did 18 "girl pushups."  My goal is to be able to do 100 in a day by the end of the month.  It's not so far-fetched; I did 12 more later at work.  The first day, I could barely do 10, and then only by laying down for a few seconds between each one by the time I got to five.

This idea came from a challenge I read about to do 3000 in one month, which works out to 100 a day. I scoffed at that, but the challenge caught my fancy, so I decided to try to work up to that. If I do at least one more before I go to bed, I will beat my previous record of 30.  Maybe they will get rid of the hiccups that suddenly struck me a minute ago. 

One last comment--God gave us such amazing bodies that we can build up strength pretty fast.