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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dinner Adventures Can Fall Flat

Eating out with food sensitivities is an adventure.  We ate at a little mom and pop diner in Fort Madison, Iowa. They can range from wonderful to terrible....from cheap to expensive.

This one had a lot of food for the buck!  Unfortunately, it was terrible food.  They had no gluten-free menu, but assured me there was no barley in the soup, they fry their fries separately, etc.

The reality was that all the food was processed, and likely had gluten in it. Even the steak was braised, not broiled, probably with bouillon....but it was very tender, just flavorless.

We should have walked out. I try not to be too tired and hungry to care.

I have to admit the entertainment was spectacular...a middle aged, loud-spoken truck driver airing his laundry to the public...he was quite amusing.  I quietly entertained my husband by making soft comments about what the guy said.  This cheered me up immensely.

Last time we ate out, there was a couple with a teenage son, giving him the riot act about his grades and his homework.  That was disturbing. Maybe they had the discussion in public so they wouldn't beat him up, with fists at least.  They did it with words instead.

After we left the restaurant, we drove through Burlington, and there was an Appleby's...and a Carlos O'Kelly's...

Next time we will hold out a little longer.