My Weight Loss Progress

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Step 1 Complete

Instead of calling it "week" I'm now calling it "step." That way if I miss a day, I just go on to the next assigned workout, instead of skipping one or worrying about what day of the week it is.

It took almost two weeks to complete Step 1, but I'm on target for step 2. I've had an awesome 2-mile workout yesterday and today.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Starting Over

But not at square one! I haven't put back on the pounds!

I have missed a lot of exercise due to overwhelming fatigue. So I am starting over in the program at a manageable level.

I've slacked off on keeping my food chart, though I think I am eating well. Still, it's easy to slip off if I'm not counting portions. So after 20 weeks with only four slips, then a week of no recording, I am starting over as Week 1.

I am committed! After nearly 5 months, I won't quit now! When I finish this 6-week segment, I'll have been on the program for 6 months. And hopefully by then I'll lose a few more pounds!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dropping Again at Last!

For about a month, I couldn't seem to lose a pound. Now I lost a pound last week and .8 pounds this week. Breakthrough! Hurray!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Cake I Didn't Eat!

This one was really cute: it was at Holly's cousin's wedding, which Anthony photographed. Just thought I'd share; the author of one of my favorite blogs asked for polka-dot party ideas. She always posts some really cute things.

A plug for Anthony: he took the picture and does some really awesome wedding work! Not to mention family pictures.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Yoga Connections

One thing I love about yoga is that I focus so completely on myself and how my body feels. I shut out everyone else but the instructor and work my own body. There is no sense of comparing myself to anyone else in the class. There's only the sense of me, of how this stretch feels, of going far enough yet not too far. If I don't concentrate on that, I hurt myself and lose the calming benefits of it.

I have made friends in the class. I got there a few minutes late yesterday, and Pam had gotten out a block for me, and had a tidbit of news to share. The others greeted me and said they missed me in the weeks I haven't attended. I felt so warmly accepted and loved. And then I got into focus and did the workout, blocking out the others in the class.

Anthony went with me, for his first time. While I ignored him--he didn't even put his mat next to mine--I still looked his way now and then. But mostly, I focused on me. The way it should be in yoga. But there was this connection, like a thread between us, a constant awareness of his presence. Not in a bad way, just there. Our bond, a thread between us, not even of thought, not of focus. Just awareness. Like it's all the years stretching between us, all the experience and bonds and love and trials, of comfort and grief, just hanging there in the air. It didn't interfere in my workout. It was just there, like the air and light and sound. A part of me, yet other. Breathe in deeply, exhale, feel his presence.

It's the way I feel when I feel close to God. Like I'm better just for him being there. I am more than myself, yet less. Focused, individual, yet part of something bigger, something stronger, something united.

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