My Weight Loss Progress

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Name Change Coming Up

A while back I changed the name of this blog to "Fit by 55."  The problem I have is that 55 is still a ways into the future, and doesn't do anything to motivate me now.  I am trying to think of a new name that is inspiring and unique.

I thought of Fabulous Fifties, but it's not unique, and it sounds like I am celebrating a retro decade--one I didn't even grow up in! 

Fat-Free Fifties?  I'm not going to go fat-free, and that sounds like a recipes page anyway.  Let's make over all the 50's food to be fat-free.

I have a pinterest board called "No Wheat, No Dairy" and that might work, but the focus isn't as much about the food limitations, though they are a big part of my life right now.  The focus of this page is supposed to be about fitness, but I'm not very fit lately. 

I originally called the board "No Wheat, No Cows"  and I think it's pretty funny--ties in with not looking like a cow either--but again the focus is not on the dietary restrictions so much as it is on taking care of myself in my 50's and not turning into an old lady prematurely.

"The Care and Feeding of a 50+ Body."  Maybe. I think I'm getting closer.  "Soon to Be Senior" brings high school into mind.  "Sexy Senior Citizen"  invites too much spam.  I just can't think of anything catchy.