My Weight Loss Progress

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Orange Juice!

There's nothing like a glass of fresh orange juice!  The bottled kind is a poor substitute....especially poor for me as I have found out lately.

For some reason the kind that comes in a jug and says "made from concentrate" gives me heartburn lately.  So here's one for Trudy, over at My Healthy Eating Challenge.  She tries to avoid all processed food, and just eat naturally and healthfully.  She has been feeling better, lost weight, and even improved her eyesight!

Anyway, it's interesting because eating a nice fresh orange, even if it's not an organic one, does not upset my stomach.  Only the juice does that.

Orange you glad I shared this?

Disneyland Walking

Mickey and minnie mouse disney graphicsTwo different sons are planning Disney Vacations, and both have invited me.

One is this October, to Disneyland, and one next September to Disney World.  I absolutely love the grandchildren and look forward to these trips, but oh the physical part....!

One more reason to get walking....Mickey Mouse, here I come!

Lots of cool Disney clipart here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Walking to Work

We used to live about 10 minutes from work--by car.  You would think we could walk the 2.5 miles, but no, it's just too far to go home for lunch.  The idea was to ride a bike, but it's almost all busy streets, so we got lazier and lazier, and both of us were driving to work, at the same place but different times. 

Walking clip artI did at least park the car in the far end of the parking lot...sort of.  A diagonal line would have been further than the straight line to the front door.

After two years we made a big decision.  We moved to an apartment three blocks from work, listed a car for sale, and now we walk to work!  There is a Curves about the same distance away and I am considering joining.  There are other options a little further away,  but why drive?

For more fun clip art....

So a few nights ago we babysat for friends on the next street over, and what did we do?  We both drove!  There was a good excuse, though.  My husband came from cleaning the old house and had a carload of stuff to haul.  As for me...well, walking in any weather is my goal, but I hadn't considered severe thunderstorm warnings...and that was after I waited out the tornado warning.

I love the midwest!  I really do.  Summer weather is so much more exciting here.  I'll just have to walk the rest of the time.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Moving Muscles

We moved over the last two weeks, and now I am working hard to get my apartment organized.  I have rediscovered muscles I forgot I had.  It's exciting, if a bit painful.