My Weight Loss Progress

Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Favorite Yoga

After using all the yoga/pilates dvds we got, this one is our favorite. She explains things well and generally goes slow enough for us to follow, but we sure feel like we get a workout in 30 minutes.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stranger at the Gym

One day in February I stopped at the gym to do some stretching on my way home from work. I figured if I got home the evening would get away from me, so I'd better stop.

There was a man there who approached me and told me I wasn't really working out. He said I needed to try harder if I wanted to get in shape. I just laughed and said sometimes you just need to stretch. He persisted in saying "you should get one of the girls out here to help you. They're always glad to teach you."

What girls? These helper girls are invisible! As in, there are not 'girls out here' unless you hire a trainer, which BTW, I have done in the past so I pretty much know what I am doing! I turned my back on the guy and went on with my routine.

What a nerve! Thing is, not too many years ago, I would have been intimidated by him, and by the invisible girls, and the whole thing would have made me wonder if I even belong in a gym, possibly slinking away never to return.

Now, I told my family about it and they laughed and couldn't believe anyone would actually do what he did!

And I figure, Hey, I'm 48 years old, and I am in this gym, and that's pretty terrific. I have a plan for my body, which doesn't include following the unsolicited advice of strangers. Atti-tude! Atta-girl!

I wasn't surprised when he left to see him drive away in a bossy-looking truck. You know the kind--you see them in your rear-view mirror, hogging the whole road, usually wa-a-a-y too close!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Butterfly Partner

I found this beautiful print at a blog called My Sweet Savannah. I subscribe to several that are great resources for decorating. Anyway, I love it so I had to post it. There are several prints that you can copy for decorating and it is beautiful.

Working out with a partner certainly makes life nicer for me. Once in a while we get a little butterfly-in-training "walking" with us. Those are fun times. The bigger ones can learn the walk steps, the little ones quickly learn to walk between us and not under us!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 12 Stress

During weeks 11-12 we had some extra stress and things to do, so we missed a couple of workouts each week. We really feel better on the days we work out. So what keeps us from it?

Well, first, Anthony was taking two classes, and he had to get the final paper done for the first class. That is too much work! He is cutting back to one class now, even though he will take 3 years to get his Master's Degree. Better to get it later and healthier than to put ourselves that kind of stress again.

Secondly, I really had to do something about a car. I took time for research and chose carefully, and surprised myself by buying a Hyundai Tucson. First, I had no interest in SUV's; secondly, I don't usually like white cars. But I love this car and am happy with my choice. I am grateful to have it. It was either get a car or quit my job and stay home with no car. Okay, I like my sanity.

Life should settle down now, and even if it doesn't, we have recommitted to daily exercise. Walk away those pounds!

First Phase Complete

At the end of 12 weeks, I have taken pictures again. I didn't make as quick progress as I did the first 12, in spite of working harder. But I feel so much better, there's no quitting now! Anthony says he feels better too. Thank you, Leslie Sansone!

So, where to go from here? We decided since we did the 6-week program in 12, we will now do it in 6 weeks straight through. We are adding yoga to it to increase our flexibility. We found some short beginner yoga & Pilates DVD's that we hope to like. They are 10-35 minute segments.

For variety, we got some other instructors instead of using Leslie's yoga DVDs. If we like them, I will post the titles later.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Warning: Object in mirror is larger than you think!

I feel much slimmer and I know I am making progress, but then I see a mirror...what it reflects is not the way I see myself. Especially at the gym, where the mirrors take a whole wall and you can't avoid the full view. Okay, I still look fat. Just not as fat. But I will persist and I will be patient with myself.

If you love this mirror, it's available for $28.95 at
Magnolia Wall Mirror
Southern charm meets shabby chic in this winsome wall mirror. Lattice-work frame trimmed with metal magnolia blossoms. Distress white finished. Metal in distressed ivory finish. 16.5" x 1.75" x 22.75" high Imported. Shipped within 3 business days. Item: 33592 Price: $28.95

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Slim Siblings

My siblings are all beautiful, talented, kind, fun and...slim. I love them dearly and it's fun to spend time with them. But, though I have never admitted it to them, I hate being the FAT sister. They are all busy and buzzing with activities and I am sluggish and overweight. Ugh. None of them have ever made a negative comment about my weight, or anything else to make me uncomfortable. It's just me, my own awareness, my own issues.

In this picture, I weighed 15-20 pounds less than I am now...and I bet you can still pick me out of the crowd!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Swingset Giveaway

I suppose if I really want one of these for my adorable grandkids, I'd better start saving! Meanwhile, here's another giveaway. It has thousands of entries already! But hey, why not try?

This company also has some awesome wooden raised garden frames!

"Experience outdoor living at its finest with HomePlace Structures custom Amish crafted outdoor products. Enhance your property with a stylish yet functional garden building, garage, or gazebo. For the kids, HomePlace Structures also offers exciting playhouses and playsets. Its line of play structures from Pinnacle Play Systems include the best, most innovative ways to have fun: towers and lofts, playhouse lofts, ships/castles, and combination units.

HomePlace Structures exists to provide a variety of structures that add comfort, enjoyment and function to properties nationwide -- accenting homes, parks, businesses, and gardens. We customize playhouses, garden buildings, gazebos, garages and Pinnacle Play Systems for discriminating buyers across the United States, shipping from our base among the Amish of Lancaster County, PA".

Heart Monitor Deal at

I found a deal on a Pro-Form heart rate monitor with wrist band and chest strap, today only, $19.99 + $5.00 s/h. This one is listed for $44 on e-bay. We decided to get one and take turns with it to see how we like it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Century Club

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