My Weight Loss Progress

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Inchworms won the TOPS measuring tape contest. It was close, but at the end we beat out the team in second place by a few inches. Third place, well, they had 15 inches to go!  Anyway, now we get to relax while the others put on a program for us.

Friday, January 10, 2014


So far the only thing I've been early to do is procrastinate...

I did go to bed earlier last night than the night before, which means 1:50 a.m. instead of 2:30!  Maybe that's the solution, just do it by degrees.

And I got up and went to TOPS yesterday morning, and it was good because now I'm part of a team for a new contest, which gives me some incentive to get moving again.  

We're doing this thing where we cut down a tape measure little by little as we lose weight. The first team to get it all cut off wins.  Our team name turned out to be Inchworms, which is great for my whole Early theme.  

Sunday, January 5, 2014


My very smart, beautiful-design-talented daughter-in-law got me started on this "word of the year" thing. She picks her word and makes beautiful reminders. I'm more likely to pick the word and plant it in my brain so you won't see it in a gorgeous thing here probably.
Anyway, every year now, thanks to Holly, I think about it. Last year, my word was COMMITMENT and I wrote about it last January..

This year, I have chosen EARLY for my word.

I was going to choose LARK. I need to stop thinking of myself as a night owl and sabotaging my life by going to bed late after doing very little because I'm tired.  I've done that since I was a teenager (much to my sister's annoyance, I'm sure) and it's time to get serious about stopping it.  Then I thought of other ways I am late, and I decided to expand my focus a little.

EARLY to bed (that means before midnight, not early morning.)

EARLY to rise (giving myself enough time to shower, eat a healthy breakfast, do daily devotional time, and get off to wherever I need to go without having to raise my blood pressure by hurrying.)

EARLY to classes, finding a good seat, being settled and organized when class starts.

EARLY to work, saving my job and eliminating stress, again being able to be settled and focused when I punch that time clock.

EARLY to get going on projects and get them done.

and EARLY to sign up for the gym when the new semester starts.  I pay for it with my student fees, and it's not an optional fee, and I need it, so why not use it?  I have to pay extra for a trainer, but I think I'll go that way for a while to increase commitment (still working on that!) and to get an exercise regime that won't make my foot hurt more from plantar fasciitis.

EARLY to find a new podiatrist who will help me get over that aching foot. I've got a recommendation but haven't made the call.

EARLY to be cheerful in the morning and kinder to my loving husband.

Last of all, EARLY to choose my word next year (unless I forget until Holly mentions it on Facebook which is what usually happens.)

I think I'll design myself a cute little worm to put on my desk or fridge to remind me of my word.  The EARLY bird gets the worm, right?  Or maybe I'll ask Holly to do it!  She's the design queen!

On the other hand, this little guy is cute, and free! And it has a butterfly, in keeping with my blog butterfly theme!

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