My Weight Loss Progress

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mirror Image

I was in a room with two mirrors at right angles to each other.  If I stood in the right place, it took off 50 pounds.  This was an awesome effect, until I realized it also took out my head entirely!  So here was this delightfully skinny body with no head.

Don't we sometimes (often) lose our heads over our weight?  We go on ridiculous diets, or we fail to enjoy the moment because we are so busy comparing ourselves to the skinny people around us?  I used to be so slim, size 8 slim, and I sometimes waste time and emotion missing those days.

Last week I got to spend time with my lovely, thin siblings.  We even got our picture taken all together.  I admit to a moment of "hiding," putting the slim ones in the front, but for the most part I just enjoyed the moments.  I spent time with some people I love much but don't see often, had a wonderful visit, and have a nice picture as a souvenir.

That's me on the far left.  How did I get so short?  I'm pretty sure they all  have high heels on!  Incidentally, the plane in the background is the kind our dad flew as an Air Force Lieutenant in the 1950's.  We didn't realize this until later, but my husband, our photographer, had put us in front of the b-29 on purpose.