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Sunday, October 10, 2010


 We decided to walk outdoors yesterday, so Anthony put on his pedometer and off we went. We wandered around the neighborhood for blocks, tracked down two garage sales, and headed home. It was hot and it felt like quite a long walk.

When we got home he looked at his pedometer and it said 1.35 miles. That's all?  I guess we better range further next time. Maybe track down four or five garage sales.

At the second garage sale they had mostly baby stuff, but the lady gave me a blue silk flower bridal bouquet. It's exactly the same colors and flowers as my wedding colors, so I can augment the  faded silk flower bouquet currently adorning my living room. I carried the bouquet several blocks, feeling a bit silly.

I guess after 30 years of marriage I shouldn't worry about feeling silly. Some people renew their vows; I get to renew the bouquet.

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