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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Veggie Monster

I don't like vegetables!

It's hard to eat right if you really are not drawn to vegetables.  Maybe it's laziness, but most vegetables are better if they are chopped, steamed, boiled, pressure cooked, or baked. That's a lot of work. I did it for years for my family, but now that it's just the two of us most of the time, I find it easier to grab a quick snack. Baby carrots in a bag, that's my style.

Some vegetables I don't like no matter how you cook them. Take Brussels sprouts. Take them all. I certainly don't want them! Cabbage is tolerable if it's cooked with corned beef.  I don't like hot peppers no matter how cute they are!

We recently had a little boy at our house for dinner. His parents said he had to eat his salad  before he could have spaghetti, but he declared firmly that he didn't like "that purple stuff."  Trying to forestall a battle brewing, I told him that purple stuff was Peter Rabbit's favorite food.  That started a discussion of Peter Rabbit and how rabbits are lazy, and by the time it was over, the little boy had eaten all his purple cabbage. I ate mine too, and I didn't tell him I don't like that purple stuff either!

Spinach, lightly steamed, I like.  Too often it looks like this,and it reminds me of the nasty canned spinach I had to eat in Elementary School. Popeye or not, I hated that stuff. 

Surprisingly, I like artichokes.
They are expensive, but yummy, and easy to cook with a pressure cooker. The one below is a beautiful example. Nice tight head, good size--you could practically feed a family with it.

I like broccoli in spite of a bad experience I once had with cabbage worms on home grown broccoli.

Raw broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower--that whole family--is best avoided eaten raw if you have hypothyroid disease.  
Onions, well, prepping them makes me cry, no matter how much running water or face masks or chilling them or other tricks I use. 

Mushrooms are good sauteed lightly, and I did find a way to do them without butter. You just use vegetable broth or water. Not as tasty, but lower fat.  However, after seeing this picture, I'm not sure I want to eat them. Talk about monsters!  Ha ha--can't wait to chop their little heads off and fry them up!
I guess I really do like vegetables. I just don't like work. I think I'll go make a salad. Or just open the prepackaged kind and have a snack.


  1. Oh No! You LOVE veggies - Really you do! We may as well like them since we're supposed to eat them five times a day!

    Tonight I made sauteed zucchini and corn.

  2. Veggies are tricky. I'm with you... I don't particularly like them. A few I can tolerate pretty well. I do love onions, but only since getting my tupperware chopper/salsa maker. It's great- I just have to peel the onion, quarter it, and toss it in the chopper. Crying is cut to a minimum. Soups are a good cure for vegetables, too. But, yeah, a lot of work. And after you've gone to the work of making them, you then have to go to the work of making yourself eat them. Such a pain! Fruits are easier. Wow. Longest comment ever. ;)