My Weight Loss Progress

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'd Walk a Mile...

You can see how out of shape I've gotten--again! I look fat! But I'm trying again!   Wait--I'm still in denial! Why is it so hard to say "I am fat." ??  I realized I said "I look fat!" 

Saturday we went to one of our city's many park trails. This one is exactly a mile long, with increments of 0.10 miles marked. It has "fitness stations" along the way--a pull-up bar, balance beam, sit-ups ramp, and so forth. Some of them are missing, but I at least tried the ones that are there.

It was a perfect day in the city. 83 degrees, light breeze blowing--who could ask for more. Some people were really pumping it up out there, but most were strolling like us.

Trees are budding, the grass is green, and a pretty little creek/canal runs through the middle of the park.

I thought it would be nice to put my feet right there where the soft silt has collected, but then I thought again. The water was likely cold, the creek had litter and who knows what else in it, and it was probably mud not sand.  I just decided to imagine it instead.  I sound like an Aesop's fable of some sort; I just can't remember which one.


  1. The day really was quite beautiful.

  2. Whoot! Look at you walking and doing situps!! Go Lynne, Go!

    BTW...I see you beautiful, healthy and strong, not fat. It will come off in good time, because you're going to keep at it!

  3. Lynn, when I pulled up this post, the first thing I saw was the picture of you walking on the path and I thought, "Wow! She looks great! I thought she kept saying she had gained a lot of weight!" Then I read your post and realized you still think you are fat. :(

    Enjoy your gorgeous self!