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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

COMMITMENT--possibly to an insane asylum, but hopefully not to jail.

My dear DIL chooses a word for each year, and I have been pondering what word I would want to focus on this year.  Last year I didn't get past pondering.  This year I decided to make a commitment to it.  I thought of it off and on during the last couple of months.

I had decided on Courage, but it wasn't quite right.  It's not that I lack courage, it's that I lack Persistence and Determination.  Yet when I really want to succeed, I commit to it and do it, so those aren't quite what's missing either.

I then realized that is my word.  Commitment.  I have some things I know I need to do, want to do, should be doing, but I am not fully committed to them, so I am content to ride along day by day, not really accomplishing much and then feeling bad about myself.

So there's my word for 2013: Commitment.

I will choose carefully what I commit myself to, and then I will go for it with gusto.  I may need partners because letting others down seems to bother me more than letting myself down bothers me. When I commit to others I generally follow through.

I have also been thinking about the FLY Lady:  It doesn't stand for just a clean sink; it stands for Finally Loving Yourself.

Finally loving myself enough to commit to some good self care, that's an important and awesome concept. It may include a clean sink, but it definitely includes exercise and daily scriptures, journaling, and meditation.

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