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Thursday, September 1, 2016

I'm a professional

I got a job as a learning resource center manager at a private college. It's somewhat of a cross between a librarian and a gofer, with some tutoring and IT thrown in for good measure.

I was doing pretty well and managing my sleep fairly well, and still managing to exercise at least every other day, until

Major allergy exposure has pretty much knocked me off my feet. I think it lowered my resistance enough that now I have a cold. So this week all I have done is go to work, read and play computer games.  As soon as I start feeling better, I will pick up on exercising more.

Maybe having a three-day weekend will help.  We were going to go out of town on Saturday but between my sickness and some unfortunate circumstances concerning the party we were going to meet, we had to cancel.  So I plan to work tomorrow and then shut off my alarm and sleep as late as I can, until I can breathe freely once again.

Sudafed is helping. It drains me like no other cold medicine will, but it can also make it hard to sleep.

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