My Weight Loss Progress

Monday, July 13, 2009

Starting Over

But not at square one! I haven't put back on the pounds!

I have missed a lot of exercise due to overwhelming fatigue. So I am starting over in the program at a manageable level.

I've slacked off on keeping my food chart, though I think I am eating well. Still, it's easy to slip off if I'm not counting portions. So after 20 weeks with only four slips, then a week of no recording, I am starting over as Week 1.

I am committed! After nearly 5 months, I won't quit now! When I finish this 6-week segment, I'll have been on the program for 6 months. And hopefully by then I'll lose a few more pounds!


  1. Kathy Ware made a comment on Facebook:

    "You go girl! I love your BLOG. I wish I could figure out how to do that! I came home with two layers of that cake. I gave one layer to a neighbor, but our family munched on the other layer for days after the wedding. It is hard when you hit 40 something...We just can't eat like we did when we were twenty something. Just think of how much more energy you will have to share with those cute little grandchildren of yours. You are an inspiration to me. We can DO THIS!!!!"

  2. Vivianne made a comment on Facebook:

    "Clothing make the difference. Check out the tennis skirts at Sports Authority. Awesome spandex shorts with a feminine skirt over them. Fun and feminine to wear for any kind of activity.
    I kicked the long fat stuff out of my closet too. lol
    Big Hugs!"

  3. Vivianne made a comment on Facebook:

    "OMG 20 weeks and only 4 slip ups? That's Amazing! I'm so proud of you!"