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Friday, August 14, 2009

No Pain, No Gain

The old exercise motto: No pain, no gain, is outdated. We should really work out starting gently and build up to a level we can do without hurting ourselves. That's what I love about Leslie's program. It's exactly what we do.

Now I've got a new twist on No pain, no gain. I've been eating so badly, I gained three pounds and I have been in pain. Aching all over. I know better, too, but I start false thinking--it won't matter for a little while. Other people eat like this; I just want to eat normally. All the lies. Rationalize = rational lies.

So I decided on my food motto: No Pain, No Gain. I'll make food choices based on what my body needs, not what looks good or what I perceive other people eat.

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  1. Ok. Now I understand. No pain for you means that you are not gaining. Eat right and you have no pain and no gain! I like it!