My Weight Loss Progress

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh No! (and fun news too)

I found out today my gym membership expired! I don't know if I can justify renewing it, when Anthony doesn't have a job right now. Sanity's important too, right? He says I should do it.

Also, I have regained. But not as much as I feared. Only about a pound. So, time to press on.

Dominic and Holly have been staying with us while waiting for, and recovering from, the birth of their second baby. He has done yoga with me a couple of times, and their little boy is so cute trying to do it with us! The second son was born July 30 and he is adorable! (of course Grammy's not biased!)

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  1. Press on, press on! You can do this. I don't know if you'd be interested, but I really like Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Loss Solution. It's just a book that costs about $20, and is very practical. I lost 20 pounds doing his plan, and then, when my schedule changed and I wasn't at home to eat meals (I was eating at my work's cafeteria and had relatively little choice as to what I was eating) and couldn't follow the plan quite as strictly anymore, I still kept the weight off. In fact, I didn't gain it back until I got pregnant. Once we move somewhere permanent and unpack our books, I actually want to do read it again. Anyway, I don't know if that helps, but I'd so love to see you accomplish your goals!

    Also- thank you so much for the offer to let us stay with you! We'll keep that in mind, for sure, but for now we would like to stay in this area. Basically our only reason for staying in Utah at all is so Ryan can keep his current job. (Neither of us are taking classes on campus right now.) A long commute would not be good for any of us, I think. But, like I said, we'll keep you in mind just in case!

    I'm glad you saw -and liked!- the pictures of Cara. She does make such fun faces, and I loved putting her in the outfit you gave her! It's definitely one of my favorites.

    Good luck with everything!