My Weight Loss Progress

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pushing the Reset Button

What more can I say? 
Reset goals. Start over again. 
Don't give up. Yep, that's me today. 
Determined again. 
Got my sticker calendar up, ready to roll. 
Or walk, at least. 
Maybe I should switch to red stickers 
to remind me not to have to reset again. 
And I did walk yesterday.
So today is day two. 


  1. Way to be determined. And, if your tickers are still correct, at the very least you haven't regained what you lost before. You're starting off in a better position than you have before. You go, girl! :)

  2. P.S. That big red button was way too tempting. I had to push it! Or click it, anyway. It didn't help; it just sent me to a bigger version of the same red button.

  3. Hey Lynn!! You were on my mind today...hope all is going well, and that you're walking, and that you're NOT schlepping packed moving boxes.