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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Oh, just off fighting the aftermath of moving, combined with allergies/sinus problems/cold/who knows what? Therefore not exercising. I am eating healthy but not necessarily lightly. Fibromyalgia flare and all that. Ain't life grand?

Yesterday I set out to do my daily three, and after unpacking and filing and rearranging most of the office, I did my scripture study and then decided I was DONE for the day and shouldn't push too hard.

Right decision, apparently--today I am tired and not up to much, so imagine if I'd done any more yesterday. Ugh! I want to be normal! I want to be able to exercise consistently again! It will just take a little more time I guess.

When I read about people my age running miles a day, I just sigh. Slow and steady and short, that's me. Until I overdo it and have to start over. Again.

It's really quite discouraging but there it is. My life. I am grateful for the days I feel good. And I hope I don't have to move again for years. I am starting a savings account so the next move I can just pay someone to do it all.

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  1. Yes, life IS grand! Lynn, it doesn't matter if you aren't running miles and miles every day. It doesn't matter if you aren't exercising to some nth degree. Say to yourself "This Doesn't Matter". Right now.

    What matters is that you DO move every day. That you make an effort - because all those little efforts add up! Being fit and healthy is not about what you do or what you eat on any given day. It's totally contingent on what you do day after day, week after week, month, year.

    Persistance, not Perfection.

    Chin up, Woman! You've carried on to this point, and you're going to be just fine!