My Weight Loss Progress

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Curtains vs. Fitness

I've gained back all the weight and feel like crud.  That's a word my husband hates me to use. But it fits.

This week I was sewing curtains, which I will feature on my other blog once I get them finished. And this nasty little opposition thought occurred to me:

 (It's just not fair. When I make curtains,I can spend a few days on them and they are done, and I put them up and they'll last for a few years.  But fitness, I have to do that every day or lose it within weeks.  Let a few weeks go by because I am sick or tired or just moved or started a new job--or all of the above hit at once--which is what really happened--and I have to start over.)

I gotta get my oomph back. It's only about 3 weeks until my birthday. Ouch.  Maybe I should join Curves after all.  I guess fitness bills are better than medical bills. Did I mention that my blood pressure was back up to 152/84?  No wonder I'm getting headaches!  The doctor said I have a heart murmur but I never did before so I think her ears were deceiving her.

Have a great December!


  1. I missed my weekly Zumba because of Thanksgiving and I can really feel the difference. I have the same frustrations as you. It's hard to get out there and do the exercise, even if it's fun and especially when it's not. I wish I could lose weight as fast as I can sew! Hang in there.