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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just Don't Drink the Water!

Having lived in a place where the water tasted terrible and was so hard that it left a film on the windows. I'm sure there were monsters in that water! In July I moved to Iowa, where I found--you  guessed it--bad-tasting water. I'm renting so I put a faucet filter on. Then we got a new faucet, and the filter, which wasn't terribly effective anyway, didn't fit.

I tried to drink enough water, but I found myself avoiding it, or drinking too much juice, which is full of calories.  Finally, I decided to conquer that monster, so once again, we buy water from the water machine at the grocery.  At work we have bottled filtered water from some delivery company, and I drink two or more liters in eight hours.

Nothing like the taste of pure, clean water.

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  1. I'm fortunate our water here isn't terrible. Now, saying that I'm sitting here with my second Diet Coke of the day having consumed no water. I need to change that...