My Weight Loss Progress

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Work Monster

I love my job! Absolutely love it!  But it takes so much time and energy. What's a workout? I don't think walking up and down in front of the blackboard counts, though it does leave me sore. It's all small movements.

I write with  my write hand and erase with my left so at least I lift that arm once in a while.

I think I need to spend my two-three light/easy weeks between quarters getting re-established in an exercise program.

Notice the word "think."  Where is my commitment?


  1. Is your write hand also your right hand?

    And are there yoga classes in your area that you attend? If so, I would love to attend a class or two with you while I'm in town.

  2. Oh silly me, yes, I write with my right hand.

    I have not been attending yoga classes; the gyms here are not in my budget at the moment.