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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

We were at the fabric store and I found one of those pre-made panels with an elastic waist that you sew into a skirt. This one was really cute, so I wrapped it around me, and asked my sweet husband the terrible question: "Does this make me look fat?"

Of course he was the good husband and said something wonderful  --  not! No, indeed! He was the honest husband and said yes!  So I was surprised, but I laughed and gave him a second chance, saying "Well, of course, everything makes me look fat because I am. But does this make me look fatter?"

So now, he decides to say no! Way not to dig yourself out of a bad comment. I threatened to hit him over the head with the bolt of fabric. Probably would have, but he was in too deep!

Too bad about all that; it was a cute skirt and probably would have looked fine on me but I can't buy it now!  It makes me look fat!

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