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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thinking Errors

I was in the grocery store one day, and I saw a woman who was dressed in a pretty dress, and comfortable but nice shoes.  I was admiring her and thinking, "Maybe I would have more reason to dress up if I was skinnier.  I'm not going to look good, whatever I do, so why bother?"


I thought about it later, and it's a wakeup call.  There was a day when I wouldn't have been caught dead in public looking like I looked that day. Big baggy t-shirt, funky capris. No way!

Recently we went to my husband's graduation ceremony for his master's degree. I took care with my outfit for the ceremonial dinner, wearing black velvet gauchos with a slinky top and glittery cropped jacket.  He looked at me with appreciation and said I looked good.  Mmmmm....made it all worthwhile.

I enjoyed the dinner without feeling underdressed or self-conscious. Others were there in everything from nice pants to evening gowns. My husband wore his suit, and if you don't mind my saying so, we made quite a nice-looking couple.

We did the photo booth afterward, and had fun posing for American Gothic.

The next one is better, but you know, it's a photo're supposed to be a little silly, right?  The giraffe is Ginger, our family mascot. (Her purpose is to help the grandchildren feel connected to us. She has her own Facebook page now, Ginger's Adventures.)


  1. Aren't y'all just the cutest?!

    You're right about that thinking-that's your nasty, negative inner voice...tell him to shut up!

  2. Awww, those pictures are cute!

    I don't know if you'd be up for this, but I'm starting up a new challenge soon and was wondering if you wanted to take part in it? The details are here:, if you fancy it we'd love to have you.