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Friday, May 25, 2012

Stinky Fish

At work I am constantly subjected to smells of things I can't eat, but which smell delicious!  Yummy cheesy things...buttery popcorn...bread...pasta...

and they bring treats, nearly all gluten-based, dairy-based, or both--which I am fine with, because I don't expect them to cater to my diet. 

There is a sign in the break room asking us not to cook fish or broccoli because some people don't like the smell. And I can't even argue it, because it's a sales matter if it wafts out and lingers in a public area, no matter how healthy and tasty it is.

I will obey, keeping fish at home and eating nuts or cold tuna if I need protein on the job.  I won't even make a fuss about their cheesy buttery bread smells, though it does seem a bit unfair. Not enough to risk my job over, because I love my job and it's really a great company to work for. So I won't even name the company here, in case anyone has ever heard of it.

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  1. That does really stink...having to smell other people's delicious foods but not be able to cook the things you can eat.

    On a side note...sometimes my husband takes a tin of kipper snacks to work for lunch. After he eats the fish, he likes to put the smelly can in the receptionist's wastebasket and see how long before she notices the odor. (His little prank is usually not appreciated...hahaha)