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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Orange Juice!

There's nothing like a glass of fresh orange juice!  The bottled kind is a poor substitute....especially poor for me as I have found out lately.

For some reason the kind that comes in a jug and says "made from concentrate" gives me heartburn lately.  So here's one for Trudy, over at My Healthy Eating Challenge.  She tries to avoid all processed food, and just eat naturally and healthfully.  She has been feeling better, lost weight, and even improved her eyesight!

Anyway, it's interesting because eating a nice fresh orange, even if it's not an organic one, does not upset my stomach.  Only the juice does that.

Orange you glad I shared this?


  1. Very interesting!

    I am curious... does bottled "Simply Orange" (not-from-concentrate) juice cause the same problem as the ones from concentrate?

    Does it take a lot of oranges to make fresh juice? (I've never been ambitious enough to try it, since I don't have an orange squeezer.)

  2. I'm not sure about the simply orange. I haven't tried it. It does take more than one orange to make a glass of juice, and then you lose the pulp, so I usually just eat the orange. I do have a hand juicer, but it's not usually worth the bother.

    I used to have one that attached to an old Sunbeam Mixmaster. My kids sure loved it when I made fresh juice. It's a good combination to add a grapefruit in now and then. I think I did a grapefruit for every three or four oranges. It cuts the sweetness and makes a really good flavor. It's not bitter like bottled grapefruit juice either.

    When they grew up, I gave away the a Kitchenaid...but it went to a good cause...I think my grandkids just might be getting fresh squeeze orange juice now and then!

    Sometimes you can get bags of small valencia oranges, the thin-skinned, hard to peel ones, for a lot lower cost, and they make good juice.

    I learned to taste the juice of each orange (just squeeze a little into a spoon) before squeezing the whole thing, because one bad orange really does spoil the whole batch of juice.

    1. That's good to know about tasting first! I have a hand juicer too... an old fashioned glass one like my mom used to use. I use it when I need a little bit of lemon or lime juice. Next time I get a bunch of oranges, I will try to make some juice and see how long before my hand wears out! :-)