My Weight Loss Progress

Saturday, August 3, 2013

How did my friend lose 50 pounds in eight months and is this a real picture?

This is my friend's before and after picture. Yes, it's real. Admittedly she is posing and has her hair styled for the second picture, but it's still a striking difference.  I saw her at the halfway point and the difference was noticeable then.  She says now she is the same size she was in tenth grade!  Talk about inspiration!

Last summer I borrowed a little jacket for my son's wedding. She says she doesn't want it back because it no longer fits her.  So yea, I look more like her before picture.

This has been inspiring me all week!


  1. Well, she certainly does look better! Maybe she could share some of her tips with you, and then you could share them with your readers?

  2. So far she hasn't shared! I do know that when she got her braces on, she was careful to obey all the rules--no sweets, sodas, etc. She had friends' support, apparently a group who worked together trying to lose weight. Beyond that, I don't know specifics yet.