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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pre-Diabetes Changes, Part 2

The doctor said I should have no more than two fruits a day. Even though they are chock full of nutrients and fiber, they also have a lot of sugar in them.  So for Week 2 I am working on that. For this week I am cutting down to no more than three fruits per day, and only one of them juice. (Not counting lemon juice with a bit of Stevia in a glass of water.)

The trick here is learning what an actual fruit portion is.  An apple may be a portion, unless it is very large. Then it is two portions.  I had blueberries for breakfast. They are supposed to be a good choice.

Eventually I will cut out the juice entirely, probably in Part 3, but for now, I am just getting used to limiting fruit. It is such a lovely and easy snack. There is very little preparation involved in having a piece of fruit or a bowl of berries for a snack.

I need to look at vegetables, staying away from root vegetables except for beets, and find some that make healthy snacks or additions to a meal.  The trouble is, I am not a big fan of vegetables, and two of my favorites are currently on my "do not eat" list for food sensitivities.

Rainbow chard, raw.

I bought rainbow chard a couple of times. I like the flavor much better than spinach. It can be strong, and I haven't cooked it for year. I think my children didn't like it much.  With just the two of us, it's easy to steam up a batch for supper.

Rainbow Chard, sauteed with garlic.  Photo Credit: A Sweet Life

Yesterday I added Kale to a brown/wild rice blend, cooked in the rice cooker with skinned chicken thighs on top. This made for a nice, one-dish supper that was actually quite tasty.

Photo Credit:

Today I made quinoa tabbouleh. It didn't call for cucumbers and tomatoes, but I added them in. It was really good, a nice light summer salad to serve with salmon fillet.  It called for fresh or dried mint. I did not have any, but I thought of a substitute. I opened up a Bigelow Herbal Tea bag filled with Mint Medley tea, cut open the bag, and measured out just the amount I needed. I saved the bag in the outer wrapper with a clothespin to hold it tight. It worked very well.  Now I wonder about using other teas as substitute herbs. It might be fun to experiment a bit.

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