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Monday, August 1, 2016

June Book Reviews--Dewey 600.

Ha ha, yes, I really said June.  And now it's the end of July.

The thing is, I never really finished a single non-fiction book in June, though I started several. The 600 category had a lot of health and fitness books, as well as a few others about specific hobbies like gardening.  I took back the whole huge pile, so I can't even specifically review titles.

I started a book about pre-diabetes and diabetes, and one my doctor recommended about Lyme disease.  I looked at a book about plants in the house, which made me think about cute plant containers and not much else.  I started a book about a "new" exercise program, which boiled down to the same old advice--do this exercise, and oh yeah, by the way, eat right, and you will soon get so slim and strong.  I did a few new workout videos, which I probably won't buy but I enjoyed incorporating a change now and then.

So that is June.

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