My Weight Loss Progress

Thursday, December 17, 2009

starting again

Sick or not, aching or not, it's time to start again. Perhaps I'm feeling just enough better to get motivated. Or maybe it's that looming 200!

Better 200 miles than 200 pounds.

So, I walked a mile tonight. It's a start. Again. And I think I will put up a sticker chart and award myself when I reach 5 or 10. What's a good reward? Not food! Perhaps more stickers! I love stickers; seriously, my journal looks more like a scrapbook than a diary.


  1. Stickers are a great idea!

    Question: Do you have any physical achievement that you're working towards? I know some people want to run marathons, or something. It might help you to keep going if you have something like that that you're working towards, be it a hike through Zion's in the Summer, or something beautiful and physical that you could reward yourself with. Just a thought.

    Ooh! Speaking of thoughts... I just had an interesting one. In school once, we went around and got pledges for the number of miles we would walk/run on a certain day. The money got donated to the school. I know you like to help people- it might help keep you motivated to do some pledge like that. Pick a charity and donate whatever money gets pledged to you to that charity. I wonder how many people you could get?

    Again, just a thought. Sorry, I'm rambling on your blog.

    At any rate, keep up the good work! You can do this!

  2. I don't have any suggestions for rewards; in fact, I have a hard time coming up with motivation too. I got the Weight Down Diet book from the library yesterday. I'm anxious to read to find the time!