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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Irony of Magazines

Did you ever notice how many 'housewife' magazines have weight loss advice but show tantalizing sweets on the cover? I am not picking on any magazine in particular, but this one is typical. "The Best Christmas Ever" and it shows food. Not people helping the homeless, or carolers, or a nativity scene, all of which would help make the best Christmas ever, but goodies!

Below, it says "Eat more, Weigh Less. 20 Fat-Blasting Foods!"
You can bet the frosted cookies shown are not on their list.

Another well-known women's magazine often has skinny-mini models on the front--as if that is realistic! And no, it is not "Shape Magazine!"

Kudos to Better Homes and Gardens, and Real Simple, for using lots of flowers, decor, and other themes.

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