My Weight Loss Progress

Monday, August 9, 2010

2 in a Row

I know, to all you die-hard exercise fans, it won't sound like much, but we worked back up to doing 2 miles, twice in a row. It's amazing how quickly you lose muscle tone.

Just in time, I might add, to fly to Utah and pack up and disrupt everything all over again. That's life. I'll get lots of strength training this week!


  1. That is, I think, the toughest thing about exercise. You can get into a routine, and then you get sick, or you move, or you go on vacation, or something happens that just completely disrupts your routine. It's almost like you have to develop more than a routine, but a fitness mindset. You have to start thinking of yourself as an active person, or even an athlete, to get over the hiccups. It's a hard thing for us bookworms!!! :) You can do this, though. I believe in you. Congrats on making 2 miles!

  2. Yeah!!

    And remember, packing and schlepping heavy boxes COUNTS as a workout!