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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back in Iowa!

I'm back in Iowa! I wore a pedometer off and on  all week to make sure I got some walking done! I walked over 2 miles in airports on Tuesday, mostly Minneapolis/St. Paul.

On Wednesday I went to Temple Square with Dominic and Holly. I forgot the pedometer and we did everything at kid pace, so I counted it as a mile.

Thursday I packed and worked around the house, and then went to get Anthony from the airport, picked up the truck, and worked some more, logging about 2 miles. I also got to play with the grandkids a bunch!

Friday was Dominic and Holly's sealing; again I forgot the pedometer and I don't remember how I counted it, but I know I did a lot of walking to and from parking lots, around temple square, and on stairs. Plus their reception was outdoors, so between milling around visiting, taking grandkids to the potty (which of course was at the next pavilion) and crossing the long way to the parking lot, I logged three to four miles.

Saturday was pack, clean, load...for another 3.7 miles, and Sunday and Monday were drive, with walks whenever possible at rest stops, for a couple of miles each day. 

So I feel more fit than last time; I know I am doing well and ready to get back into a routine.

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