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Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Shoes

 I got brand new Reeboks yesterday!  I think I tried on at least twenty pairs of shoes before I found one I like.  I found a pretty pink and white pair (a bonus that they are pretty, because how they fit is most important)  and when I tried them on, I had happy feet!  I did all the walking moves from Leslie Sansone's videos, right there in the store, and they felt terrific.  So I got rid of one more excuse and now I am kind of excited to do a workout tomorrow in my brand-new shoes.

Unfortunately, my picky feet liked the most expensive pair I tried on!  However, one of the advantages of being 50 is that we have an AARP membership, and that gets us 25% off at a Reebok/Rockport Outlet.  25%!  My husband got a dressier pair of walking shoes to wear at work so we both have happy feet! 

Suggested Retail:  $99.95  (+$7.00 tax)
Outlet Price: $74.95
With Discount: $56.21       (+ $3.94 tax)

Anthony's Shoes: 
Suggested Retail:$85.00    (+ $5.95 tax)
Outlet Price: $75.00       
On Sale: $39.97
With Discount: $29.98       (+$2.10 tax)

Total Spent:  $92.93
Total Savings  $105.67

Happy Feet, Happy Budget! 

Except that it still practically kills me that we spent nearly $100 on shoes in one afternoon. 

They tried to convince that the "buy one get 50% off" sale would save us the same amount, but I wasn't buying it.  $101.59 vs. $92.93.    Nice try, folks.  Students ask, "Why do we have to know all this math. When will we ever use it?"   Great example.  Word problem right here! But I digress.  Leslie, here I come!  Monday's a great day to start a workout.


  1. I agree...having new exercise shoes and clothing really does help in the motivation factor. And having CUTE shoes doubles the motivation, in my opinion! :) Good to know about the AARP discount!

  2. One of the shoe articles I wrote a couple weeks ago mentioned that you should measure your shoe size every once in awhile.

    I have been buying 9 1/2 and while there I measured at 10 1/2 to 11. My feet have been hurting and I realized that they are cramped. The new ones feel much better and they are 10 1/2!