My Weight Loss Progress

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Shelf

After my shower today I got a sideways view of myself in the bathroom mirror. Note to self: try to avoid that in the future. When did my butt turn into a shelf? I thought it was still "plump" but wow...I could put my jewelry box and half a dozen books back there. I looked up TOPS and rearranged my schedule so I can go to next week's meeting. Meanwhile, maybe I can kick off a few pages of a book in the meantime.


  1. My perspective: look only from the front!

  2. Now wait a minute! I think a shelf would be better than a slide, as in it's all sagging south and so flat you couldn't put anything on it. Yep. A shelf is definately better than a slide. Now aren't you glad it's a shelf? ;)