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Saturday, October 22, 2011


I was only going on the computer to look up my church lesson and print it out.  This is what I told myself. Then I checked Facebook real quick. I was tempted by a game, but I was only going to play one. Then I would stop and exercise, eat breakfast, and take a shower before work.

These are the lies I told myself.

Suddenly there was only time to throw on some clothes and head out the door.  But the bread I thawed needed baking--I had forgotten about it! 

I turned on the oven, stuck in the bread, got dressed, and ate breakfast. As soon as the bread came out I wrapped it in a towel and threw it in a bag with a knife and breadboard.

I was late enough for work to cost me $7.50, though I made up half of it by staying late to help a student.  At least the bread was yummy. Thanks, Rhodes.

Now my afternoon plans have fallen through, so I guess I will still have time to exercise.  I'd rather be at the movie/dinner that I had planned.

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  1. I am often guilty of getting sidetracked. I wish I minded myself better.