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Monday, October 24, 2011

T-Bone Steak

Oh, how I was looking forward to that T-bone steak. Juicy meat, cooked just right, fat cut off...

It actually wasn't as good as the "lesser" cut we got a couple of weeks ago, which happened to be all-natural beef from a nearby farm. It's not grass-fed beef, but no added hormones in it.

A friend is eating all-natural and saying how good everything is, and losing weight too. 

It's the cost that worries me, but my health is getting constantly worse. If I increase my grocery budget to take in healthier foods, maybe I can reduce my supplements budget.  Any comments?

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  1. I worried about the grocery budget taking a hit when we started to eat organic and natural, but it balanced out because we were not eating as much food, not purchasing packaged foods and snacks, and not eating out as often. What really surprised me though, was that we usually have money left over in the grocery budget.