My Weight Loss Progress

Thursday, October 13, 2011

TOPS again

I went to TOPS again today, a different group.  They were a smaller group, with a lively, energetic feel.  They were friendly, but I didn't feel overrun.  Maybe I'll go back to this one.  There is a Tuesday group here as well, so maybe I'll go there next week. 

There are evening meetings, but I work three evenings a week, and the other weeknight I am busy as a leader with my church Young Women's group. Besides, I like weighing in the morning.


  1. What is TOPS like? Do they do weigh-ins with the group?

  2. Yes, they do weigh-ins before the meetings. Different groups do various contests and activities to provide incentives. Some have a weekly lesson, others do exercises during the meeting. It all depends on what the local members want and who is in charge.