My Weight Loss Progress

Monday, October 24, 2011

T-Bone Steak

Oh, how I was looking forward to that T-bone steak. Juicy meat, cooked just right, fat cut off...

It actually wasn't as good as the "lesser" cut we got a couple of weeks ago, which happened to be all-natural beef from a nearby farm. It's not grass-fed beef, but no added hormones in it.

A friend is eating all-natural and saying how good everything is, and losing weight too. 

It's the cost that worries me, but my health is getting constantly worse. If I increase my grocery budget to take in healthier foods, maybe I can reduce my supplements budget.  Any comments?

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I was only going on the computer to look up my church lesson and print it out.  This is what I told myself. Then I checked Facebook real quick. I was tempted by a game, but I was only going to play one. Then I would stop and exercise, eat breakfast, and take a shower before work.

These are the lies I told myself.

Suddenly there was only time to throw on some clothes and head out the door.  But the bread I thawed needed baking--I had forgotten about it! 

I turned on the oven, stuck in the bread, got dressed, and ate breakfast. As soon as the bread came out I wrapped it in a towel and threw it in a bag with a knife and breadboard.

I was late enough for work to cost me $7.50, though I made up half of it by staying late to help a student.  At least the bread was yummy. Thanks, Rhodes.

Now my afternoon plans have fallen through, so I guess I will still have time to exercise.  I'd rather be at the movie/dinner that I had planned.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Stretch Marks

I'm glad I had already decided it was time to start exercising and eating right again before I saw those new stretch marks on my abdomen.  They are annoying but did not leave me as defeated as they would have a couple of days ago.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

TOPS again

I went to TOPS again today, a different group.  They were a smaller group, with a lively, energetic feel.  They were friendly, but I didn't feel overrun.  Maybe I'll go back to this one.  There is a Tuesday group here as well, so maybe I'll go there next week. 

There are evening meetings, but I work three evenings a week, and the other weeknight I am busy as a leader with my church Young Women's group. Besides, I like weighing in the morning.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Considering a New Blog Name--Again

I didn't make it to fit by 50, though I made good progress. Then I was derailed by the move.

Here I am over a year later, starting over (you'd think I'd learn), tired of hurting and being tired all the time and being FAT! 

What should I name my blog?  I am considering Slender Sixty (gives me a little over 9 years to get there)  or Svelte by 60, but I would like something more health-minded.  All the S-words I come up with seem to be more weight related--slim, slender, svelte, skinny, shapely (though that might work)

Maybe "In Shape by Sixty" 

Or maybe just change it to Fit by 55, which is a shorter term and might cause less procrastination.  I wonder...can you change the name of a blog without redoing it?  I think I can if I just change it on the title but not the url.

Any suggestions?