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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Congratulations (out loud) and screaming It's not fair! (in my heart)

My husband surprised us all by not only participating in the Biggest Loser contest at work, but winning!

 I don't know how he did in national rankings, but he is the winner for our campus.  I am proud of him.  He lost 6% of his body weight.  He won $30 in the office pool, and an I-Pod Shuffle from corporate headquarters.  He even got to pick his color, but was disappointed to find they don't come in red.

However, part of me is screaming this isn't fair!

Why?  Well, what did he do?  Succeeded gloriously on his very first attempt to lose weight, that's what!

How?  He cut back on his soda; he'd been drinking a 20 oz. Dr. Pepper five days a week, and he quit.  He also started paying attention to when he was full, and quit eating at that point.  It's very smart.  And it worked!

But wait, I already do those things!  So he does them for the first time and loses weight, and I do them consistently, and here I am at a plateau.  Obviously, I need to do more.  If only I knew what more to do.  Eat less, and  I get acid reflux.  I start feeling weak.  That passes, but my stomach starts feeling like it is going to digest itself.

I do know I could be more faithful about exercise.  I am not terribly consistent there. I just can't seem to get up the determination to be diligent.  There are so many other things taking my attention, and I'm not feeling so hot most of the time.  That's a stupid excuse, because usually I feel better after some gentle exercise.  I guess the real issue is....


so what else is new?

I have to admit that I took 5th place myself; I lost 0.9% of my body weight; at least I didn't gain any.  A few people did, which must be discouraging.  Set out on a weight loss contest and eight weeks later you've gained a few pounds.  Ouch.

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  1. Congrats to Anthony! It's amazing how a few basic changes can brings great results.

    However, just like you said...It does get discouraging when you do all the "right" things and still don't lose weight...or don't lose as much as you hope...or worse yet, gain.

    I try not to pay attention to the scale, but just do my best at eating healthy and exercising (which sadly, has gotten far more sporadic than I'd like).