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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nancy Reagan! Nancy Reagan!

On of our TOPS ladies was asked how she lost weight over the holidays, and she responded, "Just say no."

That was a catchphrase for Nancy Reagan, trying to teach children how to stay away from drugs.  It was short and memorable, and created a family story we laughed over for years.

First lady, Nancy Reagan
speaks at a “Just Say No” rally in
Los Angeles, California, 1987.
One day my husband was on the phone, being asked to do some activity that took away from our rare and precious family time.  The boys caught on that he was hedging and about to give in, and they started chanting, "Nancy Reagan! Nancy Reagan!"  I don't remember if he ended up agreeing to the request on the phone.  I do remember him putting it down, looking puzzled, and asking "What was that all about?"  The boys were amazed to realize that he had no idea that "Nancy Reagan!"  meant "Just say NO!"  

Notice that Nancy Reagan was also very slim.  I think she must have practiced it in relation to food too.

Just say no to extra dessert, or second helpings, or to eating when you are not really hungry.  
Just say no to the fat on the beef, the addictive caffeinated sodas, the candy in the candy bowl on your boss's desk.
Just say no to staying fat, lazy and unhealthy.

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