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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Dream of ...well, not Jeannie...

A couple of times lately I've dreamed I was doing the splits, showing my church girls that I can do them.  The only problem is, I could not do them even when I was 14 and 15!  I've just never been that limber, even at my most fit.

I wonder what it means.  Perhaps I am indecisive about something, or perhaps it's telling me to split.  I looked it up in some dream sites, just for fun. I found interesting interpretations, but more important is what I decided because of the dreams.

I decided that at the end of each exercise routine and stretching session, I will do stretches that would help if I really wanted to do the splits.  I actually do the splits as low as I can go, and then get on one knee and stretch one leg back as far as I can.  Then I stretch the front leg forward as far as I can.  I also get on one knee and stretch out sideways as far as I can on each leg.  They are really good stretches as long as I do not go to the point of pain.

Similar Exercises to the ones I am doing.  

So there you have it! My dream was a guide to stretch myself a little further!

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  1. Very interesting. And it brought back memories of when I was young and had to sit out one of our drill team drills because it required the splits which I was never able to do. I tried and tried and tried one summer in my teens...stretching a little more each day. Still couldn't do the splits even after months of stretching.