My Weight Loss Progress

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I got off track for a few weeks, but I am back at it. 

I reached my next goal, 25 miles, yesterday.  I'm going to put $5 in my hot air balloon fund.

I started a new goal, another 25 miles. I made a cute little chart to put stickers on to keep track of my miles. On the bottom of the chart I put the word:


spelled out in block white letters with a black outline.  I put two lines over the letters, so each is divided into three sections.  Each day that I walk, no matter how long, I will fill in one section of the letter with a bright color..

The little chart on the right, with the doggie, will show how many letters I have filled in. I don't know why stickers and charts work so well for me, but they do.  So here I go.

By the way, I did today's walk before writing this post. 


  1. I like your little charts from ticker factory!

  2. Thanks! It's fun how things like that can be so motivating. Of course, I have the one on the fridge as a daily reminder as well.