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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Parade

Just for fun, our TOPS club has an Easter Bonnet contest each year.  There are five categories:

Pat C had birds and butterflies
tucked in among the flowers and feathers. 

Silliest                             Funniest    
Yes, Pat H won both categories.
She got a lot of  votes to win both!

Most Original
Marie said she found the hat in a
grandchild's "toy box" and the
children helped her make the flowers.

Most Seasonal
I was trying for silliest!
I could not compete with the
adorably funny witch.


  1. How fun! It's amazing what one can do with a hat and a glue gun! ;)

  2. A glue gun? You mean I wasn't supposed to be spending hours with a needle and thread? LOL.

    Definitely glue gun and ribbon, then I basted the ribbon on so I can take it off again and have the original hat.

  3. What fun! I thought yours was very creative.