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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm a Little Teapot...

Once again, as I described my sore throat and stuffy congested feeling, a new doctor suggested the dreaded sinus rinse with a Neti-Pot.  I told her I hate that thing. It stings and makes me feel like you do when you jump into a pool feet first and the water jams up your nose.  The idea of deliberately pouring water into my nose is not thrilling. Who came up with that idea?

My last doctor said, "Oh, well, then, let's try something else."  (I like her.)  This doctor just looked at me like I was nuts and said she suggests I give it a good try for a few days before she prescribes anything.  Deep sigh on my part.

I told my husband about it, and I said, "Okay, but if I'm going to, I'm going to go get the real thing.  I'm going to try it with the purchased pot and saline and see if I can stand it.  It turns out they have come down a lot in price, probably because they are now cheap plastic,

instead of ceramic like the ones I've seen before,

so it was only about $12 and came with 50 saline packets.  

And there's a $4 rebate, which will make the pot basically free.  So I decided to try it.  And guess what?  

Yep, you guessed it, it's not bad after all.  It didn't even sting.  So if you need to get over sinus stuffiness, I would actually recommend it. It kind of feels good, and I am sleeping better.

I learned one thing. Homemade is not always better.  Before, I had used a homemade solution which I found at several internet sites.  The problem is, table salt or baking soda is not the right kind of saline for your tender nasal tissues.  So if you are thinking, "Well, I'll just go on Pinterest and find a recipe for it,"  Don't do it. 

NeilMed did not pay me to write this review. Nobody is paying me but my happy nose.  And my sinuses say thank you too.

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