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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bike Adjustments

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On my last bike ride, I had a little knee soreness, so I raised the seat another inch. This is great!

The only problem is that I now find the handlebars a little too low.  I started looking at YouTube videos on bike adjustments, and none of them quite fit the way my handlebars attach. Perhaps this is because I have a cheap bike.  I did learn more about how to fit a bike, including moving the seat back or forward if needed--and how to know if it's needed. I don't know if my bike seat can be adjusted like that.  If not, I'll probably go buy a new seat. This one is pretty much worn out.  

I may just take my bike to a bike shop to adjust the handlebars and get a proper fit. It would be worth a few dollars just to have future rides be so much more comfortable, and not to get neck soreness from having to look way up.

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