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Sunday, April 26, 2009

God's Amazing Timing

This week I was complaining that I need some new fitness clothes. As my old sweats and t-shirts get too loose in the legs, the seams rub uncomfortably with the brisk movements of the Walking Diet. I knew I wouldn't get to the store before Saturday, but I planned some shopping time after work on Saturday.

Friday morning I picked up the paper, and there was a Shopko ad for a one-day sale. They had fitness clothing for 50% off, for Saturday only.

I picked up a cute outfit--black spandex capris with a flare leg, and a matching black and coral top--for a really good price. Best of all, they are large, not XL like all my old pants, and they do make me look and feel slimmer. During yesterday's workout I felt like part of a walking team! I think this was the breakthrough I needed to stay motivated.

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