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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time for some "What I Hate About Being Fat" motivation

I'm in the stage where I've made a little progress but it's slow to see, and the exercise isn't too hard, but I need a breakthrough. It's hard to keep going. So I am posting this to remind myself, I hate being fat!

It's like somebody put a stretchy body suit on me and poured in 50 pounds of lard. Sound awful? Now, try to exercise wearing a scuba suit filled with 50 pounds of lard. Or even just walk to church, play with your grandchildren, sit in a theater get the idea. Now, I'm reshaping that bodysuit a bit, giving it a waistline and a tiny tummy tuck, lifting the rear end a little...and a few pounds of fat have squeezed out and been left behind. Onward and thinward!

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