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Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 12 Stress

During weeks 11-12 we had some extra stress and things to do, so we missed a couple of workouts each week. We really feel better on the days we work out. So what keeps us from it?

Well, first, Anthony was taking two classes, and he had to get the final paper done for the first class. That is too much work! He is cutting back to one class now, even though he will take 3 years to get his Master's Degree. Better to get it later and healthier than to put ourselves that kind of stress again.

Secondly, I really had to do something about a car. I took time for research and chose carefully, and surprised myself by buying a Hyundai Tucson. First, I had no interest in SUV's; secondly, I don't usually like white cars. But I love this car and am happy with my choice. I am grateful to have it. It was either get a car or quit my job and stay home with no car. Okay, I like my sanity.

Life should settle down now, and even if it doesn't, we have recommitted to daily exercise. Walk away those pounds!

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