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Friday, March 26, 2010

Cancer Survivor Running a Half-Marathon

I saw my brother-in-law recently. He has worked for the last year at overcoming cancer. From too sick to move, and recently finally being able to stop injections, he is working to get back into shape. He told me that he and two of his daughters are training to run a half-marathon. Both daughters have a baby under a year old.

I'm glad for him, very glad, that he is doing so well. And for them too. They are wonderful people.

At the same time, it is hard for me not to compare myself to them. My big accomplishment of working back up to 2 miles a day after getting moles removed pales in comparison. I have to remember that they are not me. I can only do as much as I am ready for. And I am doing a good, persistent job of it!

F & M & family: don't stop telling me how you are doing. It's actually very inspiring.

Utah Valley Marathon

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  1. There is a 5K the same day finishing at the same place. Come run and meet us at the finish line!