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Monday, March 8, 2010

Small Decisions

Here's something that I find help me. I keep a constant question on my mind. It is, "Which do I want more? This _______________ right now, or a healthy slim body? Which is more important to me?  Usually the answer is, "The healthy slim body" and I am no longer tempted by the food or by skipping exercise in favor of a book.

Sometimes, I admit, the answer is "this, right now." Except for my daily commitment to exercise, and get that little blue star every day, I don't know if I would make it. But it is such a high priority in my life, it makes all the other small decisions easier.

This is my sister. The picture below is me and my siblings.

You can pick me out:
I'm the heavy one. But I want to look like the others.
So, usually the decision is easy; take the long-term goal
over the instant gratification one.
As long as I stop and ask the question.
What is more important to me?

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